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    IPPF 16mm films. [Catalog]

    International Planned Parenthood Federation [IPPF]

    London, IPPF, 1980. 10 p.

    This catalog provides information on 22 family planning 16 mm films produced by the International Planned Parenthood Federation and currently available for purchase. The contents of each film is briefly described and information on the cost, length, and language of the film is provided. Topics dealt with in the films include 1) clinic management; 2) community-based distribution programs; 3) contraceptive methods; 4) population growth and the need for family planning; 5) fieldworker techniques; 6) human reproduction; and 7) the changing role of women. Other films depict family planning and health programs and population problems in specific cultural settings.
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    Producing low cost visual media.

    Bale K

    London, International Planned Parenthood Federation, 1980. 70 p.

    This document provided specific instructions to help family planning personnel produce their own low cost family planning visual aids. The manual provided instructions 1) for making simple drawings, such as stick figures; 2) for enlarging illustrated objects for use on posters and other materials; 3) for lettering; 4) for constructing flannel boards, magnetic boards, and plastigraphs; and 5) for designing and constructing posters and charts. Techniques for making effective use of chalkboards were described in detail. Also provided were instructions for making and using silk screening equipment, for making and using puppets, and for making handmade slides and filmstrips. All of the aids were produced with materials which are readily available in most settings. Many of the techniques were illustrated.
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