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    How rural development activities influence fertility decisions.

    Research Triangle Institute; South East Consortium for International Development

    In: Research Triangle Institute and South East Consortium for International Development. Rural development programs and their impacts on fertility: state-of-the-art. Summary report [Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, RTI, 1980]. 91-100. (AID Project 931-1170: Rural Development and Fertility)

    6 categories of rural development activities (RDAs) have been assigned high priority by USAID as policy instruments and/or program interventions: 1) participation of the rural poor in the design, financing and implementation of rural development projects; 2) extension of the health care, education, and welfare services in rural areas; 3) rural marketing systems that extend the infrastructure, including agricultural coops, roads, and storage facilities; 4) rural financial markets extending credit to farmers, coops, small scale industry; and, 6) off-farm employment opportunities generated by small scale industry, craft cooperatives, or other activities, especially for women. This paper provides examples of how to apply assessments of the potential impact of RDAs which represent the 6 priorities. The ultimate impact on fertility behavior depends upon the objective of self-help activity. 2 examples offered are construction of an elementary school and construction of an all-weather road to that same community. The ultimate objective is to be able to suggest not only the direction of fertility influence but also something about the strength of that influence. More precision will be achieved through various case studies.
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    World Bank Research Program abstracts of current studies.

    Walker S; de Tchihatchef M

    Washington, D.C., World Bank, 1980. 146 p.

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    Basic needs and rural development.

    Beg MA; Anwer SM; Azim M

    Peshawar, Pakistan, Pakistan Academy for Rural Development, 1980.

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