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    Suggested framework for determining the roles of international advisers and consultants.

    Woods JL

    Bangkok, Thailand, United Nations Development Programme, Asia and Pacific Programme for Development Training and Communication Planning, 1980. 4 p. (Notes for Project Formulators No. 6; NPF No. 506; UNDP Regional Project RAS/81/111)

    This paper outlines 4 possible roles that can be performed by an international advisor/consultant. There has been growing skepticism expressed about the effectiveness of such personnel. It is the contention of this paper that this situation in part reflects a lack of understanding on the part of these advisors and consultants as to the role they are to play. When a project work plan calls for the use of an advisor or consultant, these 4 models should be explained to government officials, leading to a definition of what the government actually wants and needs. Then the role required can be carefully explained to candidates during the recruitment process. The purchase of services model implies an expert-for-hire role, with the consultant being called on to perform a specific job such as a feasibility study, the installation of equipment, or the design of a special building. The diagnostic model, also known as the doctor-patient model, calls upon the consultant to diagnose the problem and recommend treatment. Generally this model does not include any transfer of capabilities to the government on how to analyze its own problems in the future. The professional education/training model is focused on the task of human resource development and requires familiarity with training methodology. Finally, the change agent or process consultation model is based on helping the government or agency improve its problem-solving and decision-making capabilities so that reliance on outsiders is eventually decreased. This model is considered most appropriate for longterm advisors. It is noted that it is possible for an advisor to perform the role of more than 1 of these models during the duration of an as assignment.
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