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    Appropriate information: new products and services.

    Avriel D; Aronson B; Bertrand I

    WORLD HEALTH FORUM. 1993; 14(4):410-7.

    The World Health Organization has a program of Library and Health Literature Services for facilitating information dissemination. This article describes resources (WHO produced information, databases for locating materials,computer packages for accessing information, the Internet, and other information resources). The WHO recommendation for effective health information services relies on appropriate resources, appropriate methodologies for management of information and communication, and stimulation of local initiatives and applications. Information services must know what is needed locally, regionally, and internationally by whom. WHO documents are available worldwide in depository libraries, Ministry of Health units, and WHO offices. WHOLIS is a database which provides for a quick identification of a specific item. WHODOC updates this database, which includes a variety of journal and technical articles and audiovisual materials. Each entry identifies the language used in the document. Indexing is available by subject, language, and location. WHOLIS is available online from a number of international nonprofit organizations or on CD-ROM diskette. WHODOC is a bi-monthly printed version of the database. A computer readable version is available in MICRO CDS/ISIS, CARDBOX PLUS, or ASCII files. Other source material can be identified though WHO's specialized subject lists produced by Health Literature Services (HLT) and sent to regional office libraries or accessed on INTERNET. Updates occur every two weeks. HLT is a purchasing agent for WHO affiliates and medical institutions and a clearinghouse for information on duplicate materials available for free disposal by cooperating libraries. The WHO documentation module transfers records from the WHOLIS database. WHO libraries issue a free newsletter "Liaison" which links health libraries and documentation services worldwide. Healthnet, operated by SatelLife, provides same day delivery. An African Index Medicus is being developed.
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