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    Peer Reviewed

    Report of a WHO workshop on flow cytometry and alternative methodologies for CD4 lymphocyte determinations: applications for developing countries, Washington, DC, 16 April 1992.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Global Programme on AIDS

    AIDS. 1994 Jan; 8(1):WHO 1-4.

    Flow cytometry is the current technology and the accepted standard by which CD4 lymphocytes are quantified. The technology is significantly advantageous over previously used fluorescence-based microscope assays because of its ability to analyze thousands of cells in a very short time and to identify a lymphocyte population within the complex mixture of other blood elements. The method is, however, expensive to use routinely in laboratories of developing countries. Alternative methodologies for CD4 lymphocyte determination are therefore needed which are simple, inexpensive, and reliable. To that end, a World Health Organization workshop on flow cytometry and alternative methodologies for CD4 lymphocyte determinations as applied to developing countries was convened by the Global Program on AIDS in Washington, DC, on April 16, 1992. Flow cytometry and alternative CD4 measurement techniques were discussed, with emphasis given to quality assurance, validation studies, implementation issue, and training. This report summarizes the following alternative technologies presented during the meeting: FACSCount System from Becton Dickinson, Cyto-Spheres and Immuno VCS from Coulter Corporation, Capcellia CD4/CD8 from Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur, TRAx CD4 from T Cell Diagnostics, Zymmune CD4/CD8 Cell Monitoring System from Zynaxis, Inc., and the Immuno-alkaline Phosphatase Method defined by Dr. Ida Lisse.
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