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    Peer Reviewed

    International Workshop on Food Aid: Contributions and Risks to Sustainable Food Security -- Berlin Statement.

    Food and Nutrition Bulletin. 2004; 25(1):89-92.

    For decades, food aid has been a contentious instrument for addressing hunger and food insecurity. The workshop carefully considered the pros and cons of food aid on the basis of past and current evidence, including practitioners' experiences. In particular, the workshop re-visited food aid in view of the perspectives of the ongoing WTO trade negotiations, the experience gained with the Food Aid Convention, the initiatives related to the human right to adequate food resulting from the World Food Summit, and the challenges of health crises, i.e. HIV/AIDS. The "Statement" results from an open and participatory process of working groups, and from more comprehensive plenary presentations by main actors in food aid (recipient governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, international agencies, NGOs). While reflecting a fair amount of consensus, the individual workshop participants and delegates cannot be held responsible for the "Statement". It is meant to serve stimulation of further discussion for innovation and improvement of key aspects of food aid for sustainable food security. (excerpt)
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