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    HIV / AIDS and Communication for Behaviour and Social Change: Programme Experiences, Examples, and the Way Forward. International Workshop, UNAIDS, Dept. of Policy, Strategy and Research, Geneva, Switzerland, July 25 to 27, 2000.

    Singhal A

    Geneva, Switzerland, UNAIDS, 2001 Jun. 65 p. (UNAIDS/01.39E)

    The present report synthesises the deliberations of a workshop on "Communication for Behaviour and Social Change: Programme Experiences, Examples, and the Way Forward", organised by UNAIDS' Department of Policy, Strategy and Research (PSR) and the Secretariat of the International Partnership Against AIDS in Africa (IPAA) in Geneva in July, 2000. The workshop's objectives were (1) to map out strategies for implementation of communication programmes for behaviour and social change, using newly-emerging directions from UNAIDS, Co-sponsors, and other organisations, (2) to strengthen linkages between communication programmes and priority issues in HIV/AIDS in developing countries, and (3) to increase technical soundness in communication programmes, projects, and strategies of organisations working in the realm of HIV/AIDS. Some 67 participants with responsibility for communication-related programmes from UNAIDS, its Co-sponsors, other UN agencies, and other international, regional and in-country organisations, including policy-makers, programme managers, technical advisors, scholars, and Foundation officials participated in the workshop. (excerpt)
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