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    Towards an AIDS-free generation. The Global Initiative on HIV / AIDS and Education. Briefs for decision-makers.

    Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS [UNAIDS]; UNESCO. International Institute for Educational Planning

    Paris, France, UNESCO, International Institute for Educational Planning, IIEP Publications, 2005 May. [62] p. (IIEP/May 2005/HIV-GI/02.R2)

    What is the global initiative on HIV/AIDS and Education? The Cosponsoring Organizations of UNAIDS launched the Global Initiative on HIV/AIDS and Education in March 2004. This initiative aims to radically enhance national responses against the epidemic by helping governments to implement comprehensive, nation-wide education programmes for young people. The partners in the Global Initiative are united by a commitment to implement a jointly developed framework on HIV/AIDS and Education. The Global Initiative is designed: To complement and link with the "3 by 5" Initiative to scale up treatment against AIDS; To be part of the broader prevention effort spearheaded by UNAIDS; To facilitate the implementation of the so-called "Three ones" at the country level: One agreed HIV/AIDS Action Framework that provides the basis for coordinating the work of all partners; One National AIDS Coordinating Authority, with a broad-based multisectoral mandate; One agreed country-level Monitoring and Evaluation System. (excerpt)
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