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    Living in a world with HIV and AIDS: Information for employees of the United Nations system and their families.

    Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS [UNAIDS]

    Geneva, Switzerland, UNAIDS, 2004 Jul. [64] p. (UNAIDS/04.27E)

    Knowledge can be powerful. Because it is committed to a fair, safe and compassionate workplace, the UN system wants us to be fully informed about issues that can affect the workplace, including HIV and AIDS. Our right to understand UN-system policies on HIV and AIDS extends to all employees, including those who are and are not HIV-infected. The UN-system personnel policy on HIV/AIDS and the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work are the two frameworks available for UN workplace programmes. The ILO Code is the internationally recognized benchmark for HIV-related workplace policies. The UN-system personnel policy on HIV/AIDS is Annex 1 of this booklet and a summary of the 10 key principles of the ILO Code is Annex 2. We have learned a great deal about HIV/AIDS since the UN system began responding to it in 1987. At that time, many important questions remained unanswered. What were the best means of preventing infection? Could AIDS ever be treated? How might HIV best be handled in the workplace? Today, we have clear answers to these and many other key questions about HIV and AIDS. This booklet provides information on HIV/AIDS that we and our families may need. Specifically, it is designed to help us: KNOW the essential facts about HIV/AIDS; PROTECT ourselves and our families from HIV infection; LIVE POSITIVELY with HIV; and LET LIVE by contributing to a tolerant, equitable and compassionate UN-system workplace. (excerpt)
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