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    Improving women's health.

    Directions in Global Health. 2007 Sep; 4(2):1-11.

    The health of women in the developing world is a growing priority for the global community. We are increasingly aware of women's vulnerability to AIDS and other diseases-and the cultural factors that can reduce their opportunities to live healthy lives. At the same time, there is ever-greater recognition of women's enormous influence on the health and well-being of their communities. PATH has been a front-runner in the race to offer women better health solutions since our first project, in the late 1970s-helping manufacturers in China set up facilities for producing high-quality condoms and other contraceptives. Today PATH's work extends across the spectrum of women's health. The projects highlighted in this issue of Directions range from better care for mothers and infants to new options for woman-initiated protection against HIV to programs that help give women an equal chance at a healthy life. We anticipate that over the next decade, the investment in women among PATH and organizations like us will only continue to deepen. When women are healthy, so are their families and communities-the starting point for a stronger, more stable world. (excerpt)
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