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    En route to equality: a gender review of national MDG reports.

    United Nations Development Programme [UNDP]. Bureau of Development Policy

    New York, New York, UNDP, 2005. [87] p.

    Gender equality and empowerment of women' -- Goal 3 of the Millennium Development Goals - is at the core of all the MDGs, from improving health and fighting disease, to reducing poverty and mitigating hunger, expanding education and lowering child mortality, increasing access to safe water, and ensuring environmental sustainability. Attempting to achieve the MDGs without promoting gender equality will both raise the costs and decrease the likelihood of achieving the other goals. The reverse is equally true -- achievement of Goal 3 depends on progress made on each of the other goals. Tracking gender gaps and inequalities in relation to each of the other MDG targets and indicators is therefore as critical as accurate reporting against Goal 3. (excerpt)
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