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    Working towards gender equality. Programme 1993-1995.

    United Kingdom. Commonwealth. Secretariat. Women's and Youth Affairs Division

    London, England, Commonwealth Secretariat, 1995. 16 p.

    This brochure describes program initiatives undertaken between July 1993 and June 1995 by the Commonwealth (a voluntary association of 51 sovereign nations) Secretariat to promote gender equality. The main areas of action identified by Commonwealth Ministers Responsible for Women's Affairs in July 1993 were 1) to promote women's rights as human rights and to eliminate violence against women, 2) to increase women's participation in politics and decision-making, 3) to assess the impact of structural adjustment policies on women and ensure that macroeconomic policies are gender-sensitive, 4) to promote the role of women in environmentally sustainable development, and 5) to support women in health management. The 1995 Plan of Action on Gender and Development, which seeks gender integration, provides a strategic framework for action until the year 2000. During 1993-95, the Commonwealth Secretariat 1) helped member governments begin the process of integrating gender issues into national development efforts; 2) emphasized activities to increase information about women's involvement in politics and decision-making; 3) took steps to promote women's human rights; 4) provided information and organized workshops aimed to eliminate violence against women; 5) held workshops and issued reports related to the gender issues involved in macroeconomic planning and programs; 6) worked to develop a training module on women and the environment and prepared manuals and hosted workshops on the experiences of women in natural resources management; and 7) furthered human resource development through five key strategies: well-managed government, partnerships with nongovernmental organizations and the private sector, establishing priority for women and girls, mobilizing resources, and the use of technology. Efforts were also made to help women with HIV/AIDS and women caring for people with HIV/AIDS.
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