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    Strengthening development co-operation for primary health care: a DAC concern.

    Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development [OECD]. Development Assistance Committee

    Paris, France, OECD, DAC, 1989. 62 p.

    This publication contains the discussions and conclusions of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC), which met on September 14-15, 1988 to address the issue of strengthening development cooperation for primary health care. As the forward by DAC Chairman Joseph C. Weeler explains, the world community acknowledge the importance of primary health care during a 1978 meeting in Alma Ata. But many developing countries, supported by international agencies, continue to focus on curative services rather than on primary health care. Among its conclusions, DAC reaffirmed the importance of primary health care, especially for poor and rural populations. It also noted the need to help developing countries formulate and execute primary health care programs. In order to succeed, health programs must get the family -- especially the mother -- involved in the management of the health system. DAC also pointed out the need to strengthen aid coordination, with the recipient providing the leadership in the coordination process. To make primary health care programs sustainable, the public sector, the community, and the private sector must work as partners. DAC stressed the importance of birth spacing, immunization, and oral rehydration, and emphasized the need for data on the health status of populations in developing countries and on the services provided. The publication also includes reports by consultants that address the following: 1) the theory and practice of primary health care; 2) the evolution of primary health care; and 3) the role of donor agencies in strengthening primary health care. Finally, the report provides the findings of a review by DAC's Expert Group on Aid Evaluation.
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