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    Human trafficking in Lebanon.

    Huda S

    Forced Migration Review. 2006 May; (25):36.

    Lebanon has a significant problem of trafficking in persons that particularly affects foreign women recruited as domestic workers and foreign women in the sex industry. The trafficking of Lebanese and foreign children into street begging and sexual exploitation is a quantitatively smaller but no less serious problem. Large numbers of migrant women come to Lebanon to serve as domestic workers in private households. NGOs estimate that there are between 120,000 and 200,000 domestic migrant workers in a country of only four million people. Sri Lankan women are the largest group, followed by Filipinas and Ethiopians. The government fails to exercise due diligence in protecting them from exploitation and abuse: The authorities confiscate passports on arrival and hand them to employers who retain them to control their 'investment' of $1,000-2,000 for the agency charge and the airfare; Without passports, women are liable to arrest, criminal conviction as an undocumented migrant and deportation; Women generally sign a contract prior to departure for Lebanon but on arrival find themselves forced to sign another contract for a significantly lower salary; only this contract has legal validity in Lebanon even though it was concluded in a situation characterised by deception and duress; Domestic workers are not allowed to change employers during their stay. (excerpt)
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