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    Ato del Avellanal v. Peru, 28 October 1988.

    United Nations. Human Rights Committee


    The plaintiff challenged Article 168 of the Peruvian Civil Code, which provides that, when a woman is married, only the husband is entitled to represent matrimonial property before a court. On the basis of this Article, the plaintiff had lost a suit over back rent due from tenants of buildings that she owned. The Human Rights Committee concluded that Article 168 violated Article 3 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) (equal right of men and women to enjoyment of rights guaranteed by the ICCPR; Article 14(1) (equality before courts); and Article 26 (equality before the law and equal protection of the law). It called on the Peruvian Government to remedy these violations. (full text)
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    Population planning: a development priority.

    POPULATION EDUCATION NEWS. 1989 Nov; 15(7):3-6.

    The 1989, UN Population Fund report has recommended 7 broad interventions, with suggested detailed actions to place population at the forefront of development for the 1990s. Family planning is a development priority: it should compare 1% of each country's GNP. Women should empower themselves to shape their own lives. The recommendations are: 1) women's contributions should be documented. 2) Women's productivity should be increased, and their double burden lessened, by giving them credit, ownership of resources, equal pay, better domestic technology and child care at the workplace. 3) Family planning should be ensured with a variety of choice and full information. 4) Women's health should be improved by training birth attendants and all women for decision-making in health, and supplementing food for girls, and young pregnant teens and mothers. 5) Female education should be expanded to at least 4:5 ratio in primary and a 1:2 ratio in secondary schools, and pregnant teens should be allowed to continue their education. 6) Women should be given equal opportunity in all sectors. 7) Goals for 2000 are: international assistance for family planning of $2.5 billion annually; family planning services for 500 million; at least 1 prenatal visit for all; maternal mortality should be reduced 50%; and infant mortality to 50/1000.
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