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    [World Conference on Women: mirror of inequalities (editorial)] Conferencia Mundial de la Mujer: espejo de desigualdades.


    The 1995 International Conference on Women, like other large UN Conferences of the decade, declared itself against all forms of discrimination and in favor of more equitable distribution of wealth and defense of human rights. Formally adopted accords of previous conferences became central themes of the Conference, held in Beijing. It is to be hoped that the social movements of the different countries will be helped by the internationally backed Plan of Action. The Spanish Federation for Family Planning supported the Conference because of its belief that women's lives and well being are intimately related to the defense of their sexual and reproductive rights and to access to the necessary health and family planning services. The Conference should be useful for Spanish women who still have unmet needs, but above all it is significant as an act of solidarity with Third World women who suffer the most severe gender inequities. Rates of maternal mortality and adolescent pregnancy vary tremendously in developed and developing countries, and there are still countries where fewer than 10% of pregnant women receive prenatal care or professional attendance at delivery. Great and continuing efforts will be needed before the rights and conditions guaranteed in the various conferences become reality.
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