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    Early marriage.

    International Planned Parenthood Federation [IPPF]

    London, England, IPPF, 2001 Nov. 51 p.

    Globally, early and forced marriage probably represents the most prevalent form of the sexual abuse and exploitation of girls. Hidden behind the socially sanctioned cloak of marriage, under-age girls are deprived of their personal freedom, forced into non-consensual sex, exploitation of their labor and diminution of their educational development and individual life-choices. Furthermore, they are subject to life-threatening damage to their health by having to go through pregnancy and childbirth before their bodies are sufficiently mature to do so. In many cultures, financial transactions are the basis of the marriage agreement and girls are treated as a commodity item by their own families. In this perspective, the Forum on Marriage and the Rights of Women and Girls was established. The Forum is a network of organizations mainly based in the UK but with international affiliates, sharing a vision of marriage as a sphere in which women and girls have inalienable rights. In this article, the Forum on Marriage and Rights of Women and Girls presented their recommendations in the international, national and community levels to address the abuse of children's human rights with regard to early marriage.
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