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    Protocol for the evaluation of algorithms for the diagnosis and treatment of vaginal discharge in women. Draft.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Global Programme on AIDS

    [Unpublished], 1993. Background paper for Informal Technical Working Group Meeting on STD Activities in GPA, Geneva, Switzerland, February 15-17, 1993. 22 p.

    Vaginitis is the most common cause of vaginal discharge. Although a far less common cause of vaginal discharge, cervicitis is of greater importance in terms of public health because the causative conditions, typically Neisseria gonorrhoea and/or Chlamydia trachomatis, are frequently associated with serious complications in women and newborns. Cervicitis, in contrast to male urethritis, is often asymptomatic. In the majority of settings in which women may seek care for genital problems in developing countries, the World Health Organization recommends that treatment should be based upon syndromic diagnosis and that guidelines include flowcharts for directing such case management. Flowcharts should therefore be appropriate for use in a wide range of settings. This paper describes the protocol for managing women who present with vaginal discharge.
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