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    Assistance for family planning programs in developing countries.

    United States. Agency for International Development [USAID]. Office of Population

    Washington, D.C., U.S. Agency for International Development, Population Branch, January 1967. 80 p

    Data are given on the population growth, the status of population programs, and the help being provided such programs by USAID and other agencies for 52 developing countries and territories on a country and regional basis. The principles behind AID involvement are outlined and a brief background on the world population situation provided. The detailed tabular information given covers 1965-1967 AID expenditures for population assistance work, including 1967 projects. Summary sheets showing contracts and grants to educational and related institutions for training and research for support of family planning accompany the tables. Information given for each country includes: date of last national census, an estimate of the population in 1965, crude birthrate, crude death rate, infant mortality, annual rate of population increase, number of years required to double the population at the current growth rate, per capita GNP, family planning and population activities, and level of AID and other assistance.
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