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    Measles immunisation before the age of nine months? Position statement by the Expanded Programme on Immunisation of the World Health Organisation.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Expanded Programme on Immunization [EMI]

    Lancet. 1988 Dec 10; 2(8624):1356-7.

    In developing countries, where measles in young infants results in high mortality, it would be advantageous to immunize children at 6 months. However, the efficacy of standard-dose vaccines at 6 months is low, and a second dose at 9 months is required, which all too often is not given. At a meeting in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the World Health Organization, the US Agency for International Development, and the US National Institutes of Health. Comparative data were presented for the higher-than-standard dose Edmonston-Zagreb vaccine, the AIK-C vaccine, and Schwarz vaccines given earlier than 9 months, with standard-dose Schwarz measles vaccine given at 9 months. The data were reviewed by the Expanded Program on Immunization and the Global Advisory Group, which concluded that higher-than-standard dose vaccines for use before 9 months needed further evaluation and countries should continue to administer standard vaccines after 9 months except among high-risk populations, where standard dose vaccines should be given at 6 months and the children reimmunized after 9 months.
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