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    Training methodologies for integration of population variables into development planning, with particular reference to the UNFPA Global Programme of Training in Population and Development.

    Mazouz M

    In: Population and development planning. Proceedings of the United Nations International Symposium on Population and Development Planning, Riga, Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, 4-8 December 1989, [compiled by] United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Development. New York, New York, United Nations, 1993. 275-82. (ST/ESA/SER.R/116)

    This discussion focuses on a UN Population Fund training strategy as part of the Global Program of Training in Population and Development. This training involves senior officials with a policy and decision-making role, senior professionals, executives and technicians, academics, midlevel government officials, managers, and program administrators. The program was launched in 1986 for developing country candidates within the Catholic University of Louvain at Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; the Center for Development Studies at Trivandrum, India; and the Institute of Social Studies in cooperation with the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute in the Hague. The discussion of program activities includes teaching methods, the techniques for integrated programs, and support skills. The conclusion after two years of program experience is that the approach is appropriate, offers practical skill building, and opens people up to thinking in new ways about their disciplines. The problems are a lack of data or poor quality of data, endogeneity, behavioral content, user friendliness, and lack of technical background of some participants. Feedback from participants was positive about the concept and practice of integrated population and development programs. Program objectives are building national capacity in integration of population into development strategies, policies, and programs. Individuals are trained to examine the effect of population policy options on development planning and vice versa. Courses are directed to the attainment of functional knowledge, skills, and techniques for implementing basic planning and research and preparing "clear, succinct, and coherent" policy and program statements. Skills are developed for translating policy into programs and implementing policies and programs in a complex context. A variety of teaching methods are used for training.
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