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    Asia-Pacific and the millennium health targets [letter]

    Mahendradhata Y

    Lancet. 2003 Jul 26; 362(9380):333-334.

    Despite well documented and successful HIV-prevention programmes in a few countries, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to spread in Asia and the Pacific. Moreover, without wishing to detract from the achievements of Cambodia and Thailand, recent developments show that success might be relative. Despite well funded, comprehensive programmes, one in every 100 people in Thailand is infected with HIV, and AIDS has become the leading cause of death in that country. Now is hardly the time to divert much-needed political commitment for confronting the major microbial killers. The diluted sense of urgency about tackling these diseases in the UN report’s sections on policy discussion can be attributed to flawed assumptions underlying the progress analysis. HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis pose clear and present danger to development in the Asia-Pacific region. The UN’s high-profile report is making its way toward the desks of the policy makers in the region. The public-health community has the duty to set the record straight and protect public-health interests. (excerpt)
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