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    HIV and mobile workers: a review of risks and programmes among truckers in West Africa.

    Carael E

    Geneva, Switzerland, International Organization for MIgration, 2005. 47 p. (IOM-UNAIDS Reports on Mobile Populations and HIV / AIDS No. 2)

    This report addresses HIV risk and programmes for one particular category of mobile worker: truck drivers. Truck drivers are not migrants: the word “migrant” designates a person who, voluntarily and for personal reasons, moves from his or her place of origin to a particular destination with the intention of establishing residence. Nor are truck drivers forced to move, as are refugees or internally displaced persons. They do not change their place of permanent residence. But truck drivers do undertake regular travel for professional reasons, in common with other mobile workers such as seafarers, members of armed forces, airline personnel and traders or business people. (excerpt)
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