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    Strengthening the capacity of the public health workforce in support of the essential public health functions and the Millennium Development Goals. Consultation with experts, San Jose, Costa Rica, 16-18 August 2005.

    Pan American Health Organization [PAHO]. Health Systems Strengthening Area. Human Resources for Health Unit

    Washington, D.C., PAHO, Health Systems Strengthening Area, Human Resources for Health Unit, 2006 Dec. 50 p. (HR Series No. 45; USAID Award No. LAC-G-00-04-00002-00; USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse DocID / Order No. PN-ADJ-697)

    The main objective of this Consultation is to generate social recognition for the improvement and protection of human resources and the development of the health systems and well being of the populations of the Region of the Americas. There is no clear guiding principle in the conceptualization of human resources in health, or about its relationship to the PHWF. Human resources in health are currently facing a serious crisis, and public health should play a leading role in strengthening the capacities of this key resource in the Region. The causes and the magnitude of the problem are reflected in the lack of certain categories of personnel, the inequitable distribution of resources within countries, and institutional planning, management and education of these resources that are de-contextualized and focused on technical aspects. These considerations call for this presentation of the objectives of the Consultation to be accompanied by a recognition that learning to work together is not easy, but that this is precisely what is needed, i.e. the creation of strong partnerships, and the fact that public health work should be conceived in terms of cooperation in this area. (excerpt)
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    In sickness or in health: TDR's partners. 4. The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

    TDR NEWS. 1997 Mar; (52):6-7.

    Since the UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) began, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has been closely involved with the program through steering committees, undertaking projects in Liverpool and abroad, and training students in Liverpool and in-country. The relationship between the school and TDR's activities has evolved in step with the evolution of TDR. The school has always recognized that it must focus upon the developing world and has sought to collaborate with TDR in field projects. The current portfolio of links between Liverpool and TDR is focused upon the disease-related and health system expertise in Liverpool which provides for student supervision associated with institutions in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. With co-funding from TDR and the British government, the school is currently evaluating the impact of health sector reform upon malaria control in 6 districts in Ghana. Other studies and projects upon which the school is working are described.
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