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    IPPF Brazil program confronts sterilization accusations.

    FAMILY PLANNING WORLD. 1992 Jan-Feb; 2(1):7, 21.

    Even though Brazil's BEMFAM program stopped providing sterilization services over a year ago, many sources hostile to BEMFAM in the Brazilian government are still accusing it of misconduct. BEMFAM is sponsored by the International Federation of PLANNED Parenthood and was investigated and cleared of any wrong doing by the Brazilian government. In Brazil it is against the law to perform sterilization for the purposes of birth control, yet it is estimated that there are between 6-20 million such operations each year. Over 65% of the births in Brazil are by Caesarian section and it is common for women to ask their doctors to perform a tubal ligation at the same time. Abortion is illegal in Brazil, but there are an estimated 1.4-2.4 million abortions each year. 56% of Brazilian women use contraceptives, with 90% using either the pill or illegal sterilization. 90% of those who use the pill obtain it over the counter at pharmacies with inadequate knowledge on how to use it. 80% of the people receive their health care from the Brazilian government.
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