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    Peer Reviewed

    Intimate partner violence's effects on women's health may be long-lasting.

    Ramashwar S

    International Family Planning Perspectives. 2008 Jun; 34(2):98.

    Physical and sexual intimate partner violence may have lasting effects on a woman's health, according to a recent multicountry study by the World Health Organization. Compared with women who had never been abused, those who had suffered intimate partner violence had 60% greater odds of being in poor or very poor health, and about twice the odds of having had various health problems, such as memory loss and difficulty walking, in the past four weeks. (excerpt)
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    Regional Consultation for the UN Study on Violence against Children in South Asia.

    Jabeen FS

    Kathmandu, Nepal, Save the Children Sweden, 2006. 37 p.

    This is a child and youth friendly book that briefly tells girls and boys about the discussions, concerns and recommendations that came up during the 'Consultation of South Asia Children and Young People for the UN Study on Violence against Children' followed by a 'Regional Consultation for the UN Study on Violence against Children in South Asia'. South Asia includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The consultations were held as part of a larger process of preparing a report for the United Nations Secretary General's Study on Violence against Children. It has given adults and children an opportunity to work together to understand the issue and to find ways of stopping violence against children. (excerpt)
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    For the sake of honour: but whose honour? "Honour crimes" against women.

    Tripathi A; Yadav S

    Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law. 2004; 5(2):63-78.

    This article endevours to answer questions on this negative social behaviour which have recently engulfed the minds of many, especially in light of its increase in occurrence. These are queries such as: What are honour crimes? Whose honour is at stake? What steps are being taken to curb them? What is the extent to which they are prevalent in Islamic states, as well as Western states and others such as India?1 And where finally does the problem lie? (excerpt)
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