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    Planned parenthood: its role in national development.


    Africa Link. 1979 Jul; 19-20.

    Dr. Fadlu-Deen told the participants of the Regional Exchange Programme of the International Union of Child Welfare held in Sierra Leone in 1978 that family planning services can not be offered in isolation; they must be integrated into development plans at the national level and into programs designed to provide general medical services and assistance relevant to the needs of the particular country or community. One can not naively go into villages where 50% of the children die before age 5 and expect the residents to accept contraceptives. Depending on the community's needs, one must develop a more comprehensive program designed to improve general family life. In Sierra Leone family planning is oriented toward improving the quality of family life and focuses on 1) helping couples space their children and determine their own family size; 2) providing maternal and child health and nutritional services; and 3) developing community self-help projects. Countries differ in their needs for family planning. Many countries, especially in Asia, are so crowded that it is imperative that their governments take strong actions to control family size. In many African countries, on the other hand, there are adequate supplies of land and resources, but the general conditions of life are poor. Family planning programs must, therefore, stress those aspects relevant to each country. In all countries, the development of a national program and policy is a vital impetus to the development of grass-roots efforts.
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