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    Antiretrovirals are coming to Africa: Are you ready?

    Blyth M

    Health Policy and Development. 2004 Aug; 2(2):131-135.

    International agencies are beginning a rapid scaling up of antiretroviral distribution programs in Africa. Some are particularly looking for "faith-based organizations" (FBOs) as partners. The new initiatives may offer both unprecedented opportunities and some dangers for FBOs who wish to join in. The opportunities include increasing our capacity to provide not only HIV/AIDS care but other aspects of health care, and a potential for increased communication and cooperation between Christian organizations. The dangers include the likely widespread appearance of antiretroviral resistance; long term sustainability; negative impact on other aspects of HIV care and prevention; indirect costs to FBOs; corruption; encouragement of a culture of money and power, drawing FBOs away from their perceived missions; overextension; and harmful competition among FBOs. Organizations should be aware of the opportunities and dangers, and review their own calling and mission, before embarking on large-scale, externally-funded programs of ARV distribution. (author's)
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    The silent war against Africa: AIDS. Report of AACC Church Leaders' Consultation on the Approach to the HIV / AIDS Crisis, 23rd - 25th April 2001, Dakar - Senegal. Une guerre silensieuse contre l'Afrique: SIDA. Rapport de la Consultation des Chefs d'Eglises de la CETA sur l'Approche à la Crise de VIH / SIDA, 23-25 Avril, 2001, Dakar, Sénégal.

    All Africa Conference of Churches [AACC]

    Dakar, Senegal, AACC, 2001. [70] p.

    The general goal of the AACC HIV/AIDS programme was to facilitate ways the churches in Africa especially the leadership can be better informed to enable them respond more positively to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The specific objectives: By the end of the two Consultations it was hoped that participants should be able to: Create means/fora for sharing of accurate information on HIV/AIDS; Facilitate means/ways of sharing best practices; Identify the root causes of HIV/AIDS and suggest the ways of responding to the crisis more effectively; Develop ways/means to break the silence on HIV/AIDS; Commit themselves to practical ways of responding to the pandemic; Share the message of HIV/AIDS in Africa and among churches and partners outside of Africa. (excerpt)
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