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    Annual report 1990.

    International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh [ICDDR,B]

    Dhaka, Bangladesh, ICDDR,B, 1991. [5], 99 p.

    This publication reports on the 1990 activities of the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B). a non- profit organization that promotes and conducts research, education, training, and clinical service on diarrheal diseased and related subjects. headquartered in Dhaka, ICDDR,B operates through funding from donor nations and international aid organizations. The Center contains 4 scientific divisions: Population Science and Extension, Clinical Services, Community Health, and Laboratory Sciences. In the introductory section of the report, the director of the Center, Dr. Demissie Habte, discusses the Center's efforts to confront budgetary and staffing concerns. During 1990, the Center reduced the number of redundant staff and was able to fill some key positions that had been previously vacant. The Center also succeeded in avoiding a potentially large deficit, partly a result of the streamlining of staff and austerity measures. The director also reports that while research output remained at the same level as in the past few years, some major initiatives in research and service delivery took place, including the introduction of a microcomputer-based health and family planning management information and research system in Matlab. Furthermore, construction on the Matlab Health and Research Center was completed in February 1990. The bulk of the report describes following research: 1) watery and persistent diarrhea, and dysentery research; 2) diarrhea- related research -- urban, population, environmental, and family planning and maternal and child health studies; and 3) health care research. The report also discusses the accomplishments in the areas of support services, training and staff development.
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