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    Manual of fertility analysis

    Campbell AA

    New York, N.Y./Edinburgh, Scotland, Churchill Livingstone, 1983. xi, 100 p.

    This manual describes the methods commonly used to measure and interpret trends in the fertility of populations when adequate data are available from birth registration systems, censuses, and sample surveys. Information is presented on period measures of fertility, cohort measures of fertility, the correlates of fertility, and fertility surveys. The volume was motivated by the belief that population policies and programs must be based on appropriate and accurate measures of fertility, valid interpretations of fertility trends and differentials, and informed conjecture about their future direction. It is intended as a teaching aid for statisticians in public health programs, health planners, health administrators, other health professionals, and government officials involved in the analysis of national fertility data. The manual is also intended to serve as a resource for training activities and refresher courses in health statistics sponsored by the World Health Organization.
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