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    Experiences in policy development on breastfeeding and LAM: panel presentations. International policy.

    Cooney KA

    In: Bellagio and beyond: breastfeeding and LAM in reproductive health. End of project conference of the Breastfeeding and MCH Division, Institute for Reproductive Health, a WHO Collaborating Center on Breastfeeding, May 13-16, 1997. Conference summary and papers, edited by Kristin A. Cooney, Sheerin R. Nahmias. [Washington, D.C., Georgetown University, Institute for Reproductive Health], 1997. [2] p.. (USAID Cooperative Agreement No. DPE-3061-A-00-1029-00)

    The Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) has been involved in policy change and development at all levels. On the international level, there have been the following major initiatives during the 1990s: the Innocenti Policy Makers Meeting, the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), and the Women's Conference in Beijing. IRH has also worked with the International Federation for Family Life Promotion, an organization whose policies and norms have international implications. Actions undertaken by the IRH to influence the development of policy at the Beijing Conference and as it would be contained in the ICPD's program of action are described. IRH efforts proved successful, with the final ICPD document including 12 references to breastfeeding rather than the one reference to child survival originally. Eight references were made to breastfeeding in the final Beijing document.
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