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    IPPF discusses unmet needs and adolescents at PrepCom III.

    IPPF OPEN FILE. 1994 Apr; 1.

    The third preparatory committee (PrepCom III) for the September 1994 International Conference on Population and Development will be held in New York during April 4-22. Nongovernmental organization (NGO) representatives will take the opportunity to lobby and brief government delegates on draft documents at this final such meeting before the conference convenes in September. Preparations thus far point to an increasing international recognition of individual needs. The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) hopes PrepCom III will ensure that this recognition is reflected in the final recommendations to the conference and that government delegates work with NGOs to provide an appropriate framework for Cairo. A variety of IPPF and FPA staff will take part in the government and NGO forums, with IPPF Secretary General Halfdan Mahler addressing the opening session. On April 5, Dr. Mahler will release the new IPPF report on adolescent sexuality, Understanding Adolescents, highlighting the negative consequences of ignoring the sexual and reproductive health needs of young people. Programs need to treat young people with respect and dignity. The report profiles some programs which have been successful in locales around the world. IPPF hopes to convince decision makers that their political and financial commitment is needed to secure the health and well-being of today's and tomorrow's young people. Another report on the unmet need for family planning services among marginalized populations in Uganda, El Salvador, Ghana, Palestine, and the Philippines will be presented at a reception hosted by Dr. Sai and Dr. Mahler.
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