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    You are the vanguard of Cairo. NGO / Youth Fora.

    Clinton HR

    INTEGRATION. 1999 Summer; (60):6-7.

    Everyone has a role to play in realizing the goals of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) program of action. The concerns of young people presented at the Youth Forum will hopefully be kept at the forefront of Cairo+5 deliberations. Innumerable women around the world in every country struggle daily to care for and education their children, to gain greater control over their lives, and to contribute to the progress being made in their communities and countries. The nongovernmental organization (NGO) and youth fora of the Cairo+5 proceedings demonstrate that the discussions about global challenges and their solutions are no longer being held and decided upon solely by government officials and policy-makers behind closed doors. Rather, NGOs have finally taken their proper place in the debate, to help ordinary citizens be heard on the critical issues which affect their lives. Efforts must also continue to be made to reach out to young people, as well as fathers, sons, and husbands.
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    A wake-up call. NGO / Youth Fora.

    Inayatullah A

    INTEGRATION. 1999 Summer; (60):8.

    The client first, informed choice, and quality of care approach to reproductive health is being applied around the world, energized by individuals, communities, and organizations. There has been unprecedented support during the Cairo+5 global review process of the centrality of youth in the process, for by 2000, approximately 1 billion people aged 15-24 years will either be in or entering their reproductive years, the largest generation ever in this age cohort. These young people face considerable reproductive health risks and poor access to information and services. In addition, 25% of children are assaulted or abused, and 20% live in poverty. The Youth Forum recommendations will help to ensure that the reproductive health and social development needs of the world's youth are properly met. However, to fully implement the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) program of action, donor governments need to meet their funding commitments.
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    Youth respond to world anti-AIDS campaign.

    VIETNAM POPULATION NEWS. 1998 Apr-Jun; (7):4-5.

    More than 8500 HIV/AIDS cases have thus far been reported in Vietnam. However, 6-10 times more people are actually estimated to be infected. In 1997, the government of Vietnam allocated about US$4 million to the country's national anti-AIDS program, and plans to mobilize another US$1 million for the program from domestic and international donors. Condom use needs to be promoted in Vietnam to help thwart the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), to help reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, and to garner greater male involvement and responsibility in family planning. Considerable efforts are being made to prevent the spread of HIV among Vietnam's youth. 90% of the more than 8500 HIV cases reported in Vietnam were among people under age 30 years, and about 5% were under age 19. In May 1998, the Vietnam Youth Union launched a nationwide program to help check the spread of HIV among youth, the UN Program for HIV/AIDS in Vietnam has targeted youth in its 1998 global anti-AIDS campaign, and UNICEF is developing youth-friendly activities such as youth clubs and youth mobile communication teams to improve youth's access to information and awareness. UNICEF is also working together with the Ministry of Education and Training to integrate life skills into the school curriculum, while the UNDCP is focusing upon HIV/AIDS prevention efforts among young drug users. UNFPA is working with the Youth Union to promote the use of condoms, disseminate information on HIV/AIDS, and integrate family planning and HIV/AIDS issues into the school curriculum, and the World Health Organization has pledged to stress the prevention and control of STDs for young people at risk.
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