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    Population and development. Volume 1. Programme of Action adopted at the International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, 5-13 September 1994.

    United Nations. Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis

    In: International migration policies and the status of female migrants. Proceedings of the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on International Migration Policies and the Status of Female Migrants, San Miniato, Italy, 28-31 March 1990, compiled by United Nations. Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis. Population division. New York, New York, United Nations, 1995. vii, 100 p. (ST/ESA/SER.A/149)

    The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) was held in Cairo, Egypt, during September 5-13, 1994. It was the fifth population conference organized under the auspices of the UN. A general debate was held at the ICPD on population and related issues, and their implications for social and economic development, with a program of action ultimately adopted by consensus to guide national and international action on population and development over the next 20 years. This document contains the program of action as well as the oral and written statements and reservations on the program. The program is divided into the following chapters: the preamble; principles; interrelationships between population, sustained economic growth, and sustainable development; gender equality, equity, and the empowerment of women; the family, its roles, rights, composition, and structure; population growth and structure; reproductive rights and reproductive health; health, morbidity, and mortality; population distribution, urbanization, and internal migration; international migration; population, development, and education; technology, research, and development; national action; international cooperation; partnership with the non-governmental sector; and follow-up to the conference.
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    Statement submitted by the Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography [CICRED].

    Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography [CICRED]

    In: European Population Conference / Conference Europeenne sur la Population. Proceedings / Actes. Volume 2. 23-26 March 1993, Geneva, Switzerland / 23-26 mars 1993, Geneve, Suisse, [compiled by] United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe, Council of Europe, United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA]. Strasbourg, France, Council of Europe, 1994. 379-81.

    This statement by the Committee for International Cooperation in National Research in Demography (CICRED) reiterates its aims and activities in providing population information through its publications and in maintaining contact with national population research centers. Since 1971, CICRED has provided quarterly computerized abstracts of 80 population reviews, which summarize about 1200 articles annually. A multilingual thesaurus has been available in English, French, and Spanish on computer disc and will soon be available in Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese. 19 national monographs on aging will be available after 1993 in complete and summary form with a focus on the demographic, health, and economic implications of aging. 10 monographs on the impact of international migration on receiving countries were distributed in 1993. A regional assessment of the population research potential in developing countries has been conducted in Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, and Africa. Other conference proceedings have been published on the following topics: the impact of family planning on fertility change, integration of population factors into the socioeconomic planning process, the links between population and the environment, and the demographic impact of mortality.
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