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    Breastfeeding management and promotion in a baby-friendly hospital: an 18-hour course for maternity staff.

    UNICEF; World Health Organization [WHO]

    New York, New York, UNICEF, 1993 Jan. [5], vii, 127, [70] p.

    The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative seeks to promote exclusive breast feeding in the first 4-6 months of life, followed by supplemental feeding up to two years of age or beyond. To assist hospitals in making the policy changes necessary for achieving this goal, an 18-hour course for physicians, midwives, nurses, and other maternity staff was devised. The curriculum was designed to impart the knowledge required to implement the 10 steps to successful breast feeding: 1) develop a written breast feeding policy, 2) train all health care staff in skills needed for policy implementation, 3) inform all pregnant women about the benefits and management of breast feeding, 4) help mothers initiate breast feeding within 30 minutes of delivery, 5) show mothers how to breast feed and maintain lactation when separated from their infant, 6) give newborns no food or drink other than breast milk unless medically necessary, 7) allow mothers and infants to remain together in the hospital, 8) encourage demand feeding, 9) provide no pacifiers, and 10) promote the establishment of breast feeding support groups. In addition to the 14 lessons that comprise this manual, the course includes three hours of clinical experience.
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