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    Meeting the needs in surgical contraception during the 80's.

    Nunez J

    [Unpublished] 1983. Paper presented at International Conference on Voluntary Sterilization, 5th, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, December 5-8, 1983. 5 p.

    This paper discusses the needs in surgical contraception for the 80's. Specifically, in order to meet the population increase in 1990, 163,150,000 sterilizations will have to be done in the developing countries, nearly 5 times the number of sterilized women by 1980. A total of 10.8 billion dollars will be needed to carry out this enormous task. Of this total sum, 58% of this amount will be to pay salaries and social benefits, the rest will be for expendable materials, equipment, remodelling of operating rooms, training, supervision, communications, repair, and maintenance. Also discussed is the building of international commitments regarding surgical contraception. The role of Planned Parenthood, World Federation, UNFPA, and WHO are emphasized in recommending influencial strategies for governments in order to favor family planning, maternal and child health, and promotion of contraceptive research.
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