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    Reaching out-of-school youth: a project planning handbook for population-family life education.

    Johnston JA

    London, England, International Planned Parenthood Federation, 1975. 75 p.

    The handbook is the result of a workshop held by IPPF in Singapore in 1972 for cross-disciplinary teams from 9 countries in the IPPF Southeast Asia and Oceania Region that included family planning workers and government and nongovernment workers involved with youth groups. Each national team planned specific pilot projects in population-family life education for a target population of out-of-school youth, i.e., children who did not have the opportunity to go to school, as obviously such children would not profit from family planning education offered in schools and, more importantly, as such children generally are part of that segment of the population most in need of family planning education and information. The Southeast Asian area was selected in part because of its acute demographic situation and in part because it contains a sizable chunk of the world's population. Futhermore, 59% of that population is under the age of 24 years. The book is divided into 2 sections: program planning, which includes identification of objectives and target groups, decisions on content, and planning for communication, resources, and evaluation; and the pilot projects designed by the country teams. The section on program planning is based on the contributions of J.A. Johnston, J. Jayasuriya, D. Harman, and Mechai Viravaidya. The appendices include extracts from background papers by S. Heerdjan and P.P. Narayan, workshop details, and a bibliography.
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