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    Central challenge for next 30 years in health research to correct the 10/ 90 disequilibrium.

    Currat LJ

    Global HealthLink. 2000 Nov-Dec; (106):15, 22.

    The central problem in health research can be summarized as follows: global spending on health research by both the public and private sectors in the world amounts to about US$70 billion per year (1998 estimate). Of this amount, however, less than 10 percent is devoted to 90 percent of the world’s health problems as measured by the number of healthy life-years lost due to morbidity or premature death (often measured in terms of DALYs, or Disability-Adjusted Life Years). The economic and social costs to society as a whole of such misallocation of resources are enormous. The central objective of the Global Forum, an international foundation created in 1998, is to help correct the 10/90 gap and focus research efforts on diseases representing the heaviest burden on the world’s health, by improving the allocation of research funds and by facilitating the collaboration among partners from the public and private sectors in the priority areas of health research. (excerpt)
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