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    Norplant's safety is confirmed.

    POPLINE. 2001 May-Jun; 23:3.

    Norplant, the contraceptive implant, is as safe and effective as IUDs and female sterilization, according to the WHO. WHO reports that a 5-year international study of developing country users “confirms the safety with respect to serious disease and the high contraceptive efficacy” of Norplant use. Conducted by researchers from the World Bank, the UN Development Program, and the UN Population Fund, as well as WHO, the research is the first prospective post-marketing surveillance of a newly introduced contraceptive in developing countries. Research conclusions are based on investigations of 32 family planning clinics in 8 countries where researchers compared 8000 Norplant users with 8000 women who relied on IUDs or sterilization to determine the risk of rare adverse effects that might have been missed in previous clinical trials. The clinics involved in the study were located in Bangladesh, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Paul Van Look, director of the WHO's department of reproductive health and research, said the study “demonstrates that all three methods are very safe” and provide excellent long-term protection against unplanned pregnancy. (full text)
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