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    Global concerns focus on the powerless women who are living with AIDS in the developing world.

    AIDS Alert. 2004 May; 1-2.

    UNAIDS and other international organizations have been drawing attention in recent months to the plight of women in nations where HIV infection is pandemic and likely to continue the trend of disproportionately affecting women. Half of the people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide are women, and in sub-Saharan Africa, women comprised 58% of all people infected with HIV by the end of 2003, according to the latest statistics from UNAIDS of Geneva. As women's stake in the epidemic rises, so do the challenges facing groups that desire to improve HIV prevention among women. What's lacking is strong women's leadership on the issue of women and HW, says Mary Robinson, executive director of the Ethical Globalization Initiative in New York City. "At the grass-roots level, women's organizations are dealing with this problem and are aware of it, but it hasn't been sufficiently handled at the leadership level," she says. For example, women's leadership is needed to tackle the patriarchal traditions, such as property, marriage, and inheritance laws, that contribute to the overall powerlessness of women in many developing nations, she notes. (excerpt)
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