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    The rights of women and the role of international law.

    Marchand C

    In: Lipman-Blumen J and Bernard J, eds. Sex roles and social policy: a complex social science equation. Beverly Hills, California, Sage Publications, 1979. 349-54.

    International law as it deals with human rights should be used by women as a lever to advance the status of women. International law has had no impact on improving the condition of women in developing areas at present, but the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Declaration of Human Rights, the American Convention on Human Rights, and the Pact of San Jose de Costa Rica could serve as a sounding board where women could bring violations to world attention. Although some view international law as insignificant in meaning and largely ignored, it can still raise the conscience regarding women's rights and may lead to social, economic, and political equalities. In the crusade of human rights by international law, it is important to define goals which will be observed and enforced.
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