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    Accelerating an AIDS vaccine for developing countries: recommendations for the World Bank.

    Ainsworth M; Batson A; Lamb G; Rosenhouse S

    [Unpublished] [2000]. [30] p.

    This paper presents the findings and recommendations of the World Bank AIDS Vaccine Task Force, formed in April 1998 to identify how institutions can accelerate the development of an AIDS vaccine for developing countries, as part of its broader program to combat AIDS, and in collaboration with its international and development partners. The World Bank has already taken important steps to reduce the impact of the AIDS epidemic through lending for AIDS prevention and care, analytic publications, participation in international partnerships, and launching of an anti-AIDS initiative in Africa. Nevertheless, progress on potentially one of the most important interventions--a preventive AIDS vaccine--is slow. This is caused by several barriers, such as the cost of the technology for an HIV vaccine, lack of financial investments from international agencies, and policy constraints. Based on existing studies of the economics of AIDS vaccine development and demand, review of a broad range of existing and potential mechanisms to promote an AIDS vaccine, and consultations with industry, international donors, and developing countries, the recommendations of the AIDS Vaccine Task Force for the promotion of international efforts in HIV vaccine development are highlighted.
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