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    Refusing to go away: Strategies of the women's rights movement.

    Jefferson LR

    Human Rights Dialogue. 2003 Fall; (10):33-34.

    The past decade has seen women's rights activists from every region of the world mobilize to use the international human rights system to raise awareness about and remedy the staggering levels of violence against women. Activists' most significant achievements include proving a state's failure to prevent or respond to domestic violence to be a human rights abuse; creating better fact-finding mechanisms to document violence against women; increasing the role of UN agencies in adopting and promoting strategies to combat gender-based violence; using public tribunals to create a public record of violence against women; improving state response to violence against women perpetrated by private actors; getting a range of gender-based and sexual violence in armed conflict codified as a war crime and a crime against humanity; identifying harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation (FGM), as violence against girls and women; defining and criminalizing at the national level the myriad forms of violence against women; raising overall public awareness that gender-based violence is a chronic human rights abuse; and supporting the efforts of more "mainstream" human rights organizations to integrate women's human rights into their work. (excerpt)
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