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    World population, basic documents: Volume 1, What is the problem?

    Joyce JA

    New York, Oceana, 1976. 432 p

    Volume 1, along with the 3 other volumes focusing on world population, presents information as both a background to the World Population Conference and as a permanent source book of representative documents to trace and keep pace with the population issue. National reports and surveys and regional data have been included, but the focus of the document is its international significance. Population problems have clearly become an international concern, although national governments are dealing with this issue in their own ways. Identified as the problem is the fact that at the present rate of population increase, the number of people on the earth will double in the next 25 years. The present total of 3500 million will possibly reach 7000 million by the year 2000. Chapter 1 deals with examination of the problem as well as the determinants and consequences of population trends. It reveals that exceptionally high rates of population increase have resulted from the reduction of mortality rates which is a significant achievement of modern times. However, this growth has not occurred simultaneously throughout the world. It originated in Europe and later spread to other regions following European economic development. Recently population growth seems to have slowed down in many parts of the European cultural sphere, but has gathered momentum in other areas. In certain regions of Asia and Africa, this characteristic of modern demographic development has not yet occurred. Other chapters focus on demographic research, Europe's population in the interwar years, migration and urbanization, and the world population situation.
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