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    The International Union for the Scientific Study of Population and population policy research, 1954-1987.

    McNicoll G

    In: International transmission of population policy experience. Proceedings of the Expert Group Meeting on the International Transmission of Population Policy Experience, New York City, 27-30 June 1988, compiled by United Nations. Department of International Economic and Social Affairs. New York, New York, United Nations, 1990. 74-84. (ST/ESA/SER.R/108)

    The International Union for the Scientific Study of Population and Population Policy Research (IUSSP) is the main organization devoted to international scholarly attention on population issues. As such, they are concerned with the transmission of policy-relevant findings from social science research, social history, and demographic research. This paper examines IUSSP's changing relations with governments and the United Nations during its 60-year history. By reviewing its experiences, it is hoped that important lessons will be learned from IUSSP's successes and failures in influencing population policy matters. Consideration of these lessons will help indicate how social science research may make future contributions toward the improvement of population policy. The policy problems of high-fertility countries undergoing demographic transition are examined. Problems of post- transition societies are not considered.
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