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    Peer Reviewed

    Quality of well water in Ede area, southwestern Nigeria.

    Adediji A; Ajibade LT

    Journal of Human Ecology. 2005; 17(3):223-228.

    This study examined the chemical composition /quality of Well water in Ede Area of Southwestern Nigeria with a view to determine their suitability for human consumption. The pH, total dissolved solids (TDS) and cations concentration such as calcium (Ca/2t), sodium (Na+), magnesium (Mg/2+) and potassium (K+) of 21 well water samples were determined using pH meter, Electronic Conducting (EC) meter and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer respectively. The results of this study shows that potassium (K+) was the most abundant dissolved cation in the well water sampled in the area. All the dissolved cations such as Ca/2t, mg/2+ , Na+ , K+ and generally conformed with the recommendation of W.H.O maximum limits. However, since most of the inhabitants of the area depend on well water supply for drinking, the authors of this study recommended that waste disposal facilities should be sited in the outskirts of the towns. In this regard, the site of the well should be at least thirty meters away from any source of contamination. (author's)
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