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    Report of the Global Blood Safety Initiative Meeting, Geneva, 16-17 May 1988.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Global Programme on AIDS

    [Unpublished] 1988. 15 p. (WHO/GPA/DIR/88.9)

    Following up on a January, 1988, meeting at World Health Organization headquarters, this meeting was held to inform participants about the present status of blood transfusion systems worldwide, study obstacles to developing integrated systems, achieve consensus on the objectives, principles and activities of the Global Blood Safety Initiative and structure of a previously proposed consortium, and to endorse and launch the initiative. Objectives, principles, and consortium activities are presented in the report, followed by discussion of the organization and activities of the consortium secretariat. Evolution of the Global Blood Safety Initiative is also explained in the report, and results largely out of need for safe blood supplies in the face of AIDS. Instead of stressing long-term infrastructure development toward integrated blood transfusion services, priority was placed upon HIV prevention, with care to not link too closely in the public eye AIDS with hopes for strengthened blood transfusion services. Participants were keen to point out that the initiative will not fuel additional bureaucracy, and that patients is paramount in realizing initiative goals. Realistic targets must be set, and steady, gradual improvements should be expected. Where bilateral arrangements are concerned, support to countries should be provided in accordance with the national AIDS plans of each respective country. Linking country needs with available resources, the initiative would be a facilitating, integrating force.
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