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    U.N. says millions of children, caught in poverty, die needlessly.

    Olson E

    New York Times. College Resources for Students and Faculty. 2002 Mar 14; [3] p..

    According to UN officials, almost 11 million children, most of them babies, die annually of preventable causes. The WHO and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) said diarrhea, malaria, measles, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition were main causes of death and resulted from the impoverished conditions of 600 million children around the world. UNICEF and the health organization said that progress had been made in the 1990s, citing immunization programs, and that the overall total of preventable deaths had been reduced from 14 million. Contributing to this progress has been the increase in the percentage of mothers who breastfeed infants. However, UNICEF Director Carol Bellamy noted that, except for Nordic nations, contributions by rich countries for development aid have gone down, leaving the poorest countries struggling to meet their populations' basic needs.
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