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    Enhancing reproductive health commodity security.

    Feedback. 2001; 26(3):18.

    Reproductive ill health, especially for women living in developing countries accounts for a significant proportion of the overall disease burden. However, progress in improving reproductive health will depend upon the access, availability, affordability, and quality of these RH commodities. Commodity security is the adequate supply and choice of quality RH related supplies for every person who needs them. Despite commodity requirements are increasing dramatically, there has been an inconsistent and unpredictable trend in commodity financing. Hence, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has taken a leading role in enhancing RH commodity security. Two conferences have been held to address emerging issues related to enhancing RH commodity security, including essential RH communities, strategic plan for ensuring RH security, and strengthening national capacity for commodity management. This paper discusses these each of the issue given.
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