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    The promise of science. Today's innovations bring hope, but will they reach low-resource areas tomorrow?

    Elias CJ; Moore K

    Countdown 2015: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for All. 2004; (Spec No):103-104.

    This publication has shown that the ICPD’s Programme of Action covers cultural, behavioural, and policy issues that all favour a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Questions of equity— in access to information, education, technology, and services—lie at the heart of many of the goals. In getting to these goals, science has an immensely important role to play. We have already seen enormous scientific strides in global health during our lifetimes—in prevention, treatment and cure. New vaccines and better delivery systems have saved the lives and health of countless children. New ways to regulate fertility have expanded women’s reproductive health choices. Antiretroviral treatments are powerful tools for reducing or delaying the effects of HIV infection. New tests are helping us detect sexually transmitted infections (STIs) faster, cheaper, and more accurately, reducing complications and chances for further transmission. (excerpt)
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